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If you are searching for True Love Quote In Hindi over the Internet to express your love for your loved ones so your search ends here because here we have brought the most famous 25+ Love (Pyar) Quotes in Hindi for you. With the help of these quotes, you can express your deepest emotions and connect with others on a deep level.

Love (Pyar) is a universal language that has been expressed in many ways throughout history. Love quotes are a beautiful way to capture the essence of this powerful emotion and convey it to others. Whether you are looking for inspiration, affirmation, or simply want to express your own feelings, there is a love quotes out there for everyone.

True love quote in hindi
True love quote in hindi

Boys and girls have been using Love Quotes in Hindi and English to express their love in front of their lovers for a long time. Love quotes can be uplifting, inspiring, and empowering. They remind us of the power of love and the many ways it can enrich our lives. So whether you're in love or simply looking for inspiration, take some time to explore the many beautiful love quotes out there and let them inspire you to love more deeply and fully.

Let's Create The bridge For Two Hearts With These Love Quotes

Tumhen Ehasaas Hee Nahee Kitana Ishq Hai Tumase,
Bas Roj Thoda Aur Tumase Judate Jaate Hain Ham.

In Aankhon Ko Jab Tera Deedaar Ho Jaata Hai,
Din Koee Bhee Ho Mera Tyauhaar Ho Jaata Hai.

Mainne Aapako Chuna Hai. Chaahe Mujhe Aur Kitane Bhee
Mauke Mile Mein Sirph Aapako Hee Baar Baar Chununga,
Vo Bhee Bina Kisee Kshan Ko Ganvaayen .

Har Kisee Kee Jindagee Mein Utaar-chadhaav Aate Hain
Kabhee-kabhee Aisee Sthitiyaan Ban Jaatee Hain Ki Na
Chaahate Hue Bhee Log Ek-doosare Se Door Ho Jaate Hain.

Touch Hearts Of Loved Ones With These Love Quotes

Teree Har Ada Mohabbat See Lagatee Hai
Ek Pal Kee Judaee Muddat See Lagatee Hai
Pahale Nahin Ab Sochane Lage Hain Ham Kee Jindagee
Ke Har Lamhe Mein Teree Jaroorat See Lagatee Hai.

Jarooree Nahin Kee Insaan Pyaar Kee Moorat Ho,
Sundar Aur Behad Khoobasoorat Ho, Achchha To
Vahee Insaan Hota Hai Jo Tab Aapake Saath
Ho Jab Aapako Usakee Zaroorat Ho .

Mujhe Aadat Nahin
Yoon Har Kisee Pe Mar Mitane Kee
Par Tujhe Dekhakar Dil Ne
Sochane Tak Kee Mohalat Na Dee .

Na Chaand Kee Chaahat
Na Sitaaron Kee Pharamaish
Har Janm Mein Too Mile
Meree Bas Yahee Khvaahish .

Love Is Not Finding Someone To Live With, It's Finding Someone You Can't Live Without

E Subah, Mere Pyaar Ko Paigaam Dena
Khoobasoorat Din, Haseen Shaam Dena,
Jab Bhee Vo Dekhe Mere Maisej Ko,
Unake Labon Pe Khoobasoorat Muskaan Dena.

Badee Garaj Se Chaaha Hai Tujhe
Badee Duaon Se Paaya Hai Tujhe
Tujhe Bhoolane Kee Sochoon Bhee To Kaise
Kismat Kee Lakeeron Se Churaaya Tujhe .

Kaee Baar Lee Hai Tumane Talaashiyaan Mere Dil Kee
Batao Kabhee Kuchh Aur Mila Hai Tumhaare Siva .

Ab To Shaayad Hee Mujhase Muhabbat Karega Koee
Teree Tasveer Jo Meree Aakhon Mein Saaf Najar Aatee Hai .

Love Is Not A Destination, It's A Journey

Lavo Ko Chhoo Kar Yoon Bahakaaya Na Karo,
Yoon Khvaabo Mein Aakar Ishk Mahakaaya Na Karo.

Meree Mohabbat Kee Had Na Tay Kar Paoge Tum,
Tumhen Saanson Se Bhee Jyaada Mohabbat Karate Hai Ham .

Itana Khoobasoorat Kaise Muskura Leto Ho,
Itana Kaatil Kaise Sharama Lete Ho,
Kitanee Aasaanee Se Jaan Le Lete Ho,
Kisee Ne Sikhaaya Hai,Ya Phir Bachapan Se Hee Kameene Ho.

Aapas Hee Ladate Hain Aur Tum Par Hee Marate Hain,
Tum Hee Jeevan Ho Hamaaree
Kyonki Tum Hee Had Se Jyaada Pyaar Karate Ho.

Let's Create A true love story That Will Never End.

Gavaahee Na Maange Mere Pyaar Mein
Main Kahana Chaahata Hoon,
Are Vo Khuda Bhee Mujhase Pareshaan Hai Kee Har
Dua Mein Hee Kyon Maangata Hoon.

Doosare Din Ke Kaamon Mein Lekh Likhe Jaate Hain,
Aur Raat Aapakee Yaadon Mein Patale Kie Jaate Hain.

bahut dinon se najar mein tha,
pata nahin kisakee najar lagee ,
aaj kal najar nahin aatee.

Aaj Kal Log Dooriyon Ka Phaayada Utha Kar Majabooriyaan Bata Dete Hain

Love Quote Is A Beautiful Way To Express Your Love

Yah Moh Ka Teer Hai,
Jigar Ke Paar Ho Jaata Hai,
Pata Bhee Nahin Chalata, Na Jaane
Kab Pyaar Ho Jaata Hai.

Ye Dil Hee Yaadon Se Mahakata Rahegee,
Ye Tera Tha Tera Hai Aur Tera Hee Rahega.

Ek Pal Bhee Jeena Mushkil Hai Ab Tera Bada
Is Dil Ko Bina Jhataka Nahin Aata.

Dostee Hai Aashik Bephikr Ho,
Naaraazagee Ho Sakatee Hai,
Par Nafarat Kabhee Nahiną„¤

Bahut Kuchh Dekh Liya Mainne Jindagee Mein,
Magar Jindagee Mujhe Aap Mein Dikhee.

Kisee Kee Kamee Jab Mahasoos Hone Lage To Samajho
Jeevan Mein Usakee Sambhaavana Bahut Gaharee Ho Chukee Hai.

Ekatreekaran Ke Bandhan Mein Dooriyaan Nahin Ginate,
Jahaan Ishk Ho Vahaan Majabooriyaan Nahin Ginate.

Aaee Laving Ka Matalab Itana Hee Jaana Gaya Hai,
Usakee Khushee Ke Lie Kuchh Bhee Kiya Ja Raha Hai.

Meree Saanson Par Bas Naam Dhyaan Hai,
Main Agar Khush Hoon To Ye Ehasaan Najar Hai.

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