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Suman Kushwah

Suman kushwah is from a small city of India and she has done BA (Bachelor of Arts) from Lal Bahadhur Shastri College in 2018. She has been doing teaching job in a big school as well as she has been fond of writing since her childhood. She writes stories, shayari, quotes, poetry, statuses, etc for Top Tips Tech.

It is a normal that if someone is doing blogging, so he/she is fond of reading and writing content and he/she knows the Internet and social media. Before joining Top Tips Tech platform, Whenever she got free time, she used to start write shayari statuses, quotes, stories, etc and post them on the social media.

One day, Suman contacted to Geeta Ma'ma to join their team to share her thoughts through the Top Tips Tech blog. Seeing the samples of her content, Geeta ma'am very impressed with Suman Kushwah's content writing skills and handed offer of joining team immediately. From that day, Suman Kushwah is writing best content for this blog with lots of love and seriousness.

The Best Tech Tips, Reviews, Tools Website

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