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Arvind Kushwah

Arvind Kushwah is one of the author of Top Tips Tech platform from the small village of India. He has done his education in BCA (Bachelors's in Computer Application) from the Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication. He writes article for Top Tips Tech platform from his knowledge of cricket and interesting facts because he has great knowledge of these fields.

He love to watch and play cricket as he has been watching and playing cricket around 6 years. He also likes to read interesting facts about various fields such as countries, places, science, technologies, computers, mobiles, etc. He always tries to bring his knowledge in front of people through this platform. After seeing his knowledge and writing, He joined our team in 2022.

A good thing about him is that he gives his 2-3 hours days to search over the Internet to find new information about various topics because he says that knowledge is a treasure that everyone needs to have in life because knowledge leads us to path of success.

The Best Tech Tips, Reviews, Tools Website

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